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2023 Honda Accord vs 2023 Toyota Camry

A silver 2023 Honda Accord and a blue 2023 Toyota Camry are shown.Where American car companies have largely abandoned the actual car market, brands from overseas still understand how important a fantastic sedan is for many drivers. Choosing the right one is not always easy; however, many great options are available from manufacturers like Honda. Looking at the 2023 Honda Accord vs 2023 Toyota Camry, for example, shows that both of these cars have a lot to offer, and there are noticeable similarities between them. As you start to dig deeper into what each brings to the road, it becomes clear that while the Camry has some fine features, it falls behind the Accord in key ways.

For example, both of these cars are available in a number of different trim levels, providing you with a great deal of freedom to get the features and options that you need. Honda keeps things pretty simple with a restrained selection of different trims, letting you choose from either a standard gas engine or a hybrid, then pick from several levels to get the features you want. With the Toyota Camry, things are needlessly complicated, with more than a dozen different versions available, including multiple gas engines and a hybrid. This makes it incredibly difficult to see what is available and make sure you get exactly what you want, whereas Honda makes it easy while still offering you a fantastic selection.

Inside these two cars, you will find the kind of space and seating you would expect from a modern midsize sedan, but the Honda Accord again gives you more. Both of these models have options for different levels of comfort, but you can get more luxurious and comfortable seating with the Accord; plus, you will find quite a bit more room inside for your passengers and anything you need to bring with you. Advanced tech features are also found throughout the interiors of these two cars, but once again, you can get a larger infotainment display and driver screen in the Honda model, along with more features that elevate your experience beyond what is available with the Toyota Camry.

2023 Honda Accord VS 2023 Toyota Camry
$27,295[a] MSRP  $26,320
105.7 Passenger Volume (cu.ft.) 100.4
16.7 Cargo Volume (cu.ft.) 15.1
12.3 Max Touchscreen (in.) 9


The black interior of a blue 2023 Honda Accord is shown from the side during a 2023 Honda Accord vs 2023 Toyota Camry comparison.

Although no car is going to be as spacious inside as something like an SUV or minivan, you should still expect a roomy interior that you will look forward to getting into each day. Both the Honda Accord and the Toyota Camry are midsize sedans, which means they are quite comparable in overall size and design. That being said, the engineers and designers at these two companies have taken some different approaches in how they create these cars, resulting in some important distinctions between them that put the Accord ahead. For example, although these are both in the same class, you will find a different amount of space inside them.

Interior Measurements

In the Honda Accord, you get about 40 inches of headroom available up front and more than 42 inches of legroom. Your rear-seat passengers can enjoy more than 37 inches of headroom and more than 40 inches of legroom, with more than 105 cu.ft. of total passenger volume available. Inside the Toyota Camry, however, there is just 38 inches of headroom in both the front and back and only 38 inches of rear legroom, which means passengers in the backseat will be more cramped—plus, there is only about 100 cu.ft. of total passenger volume. Similarly, the Accord has 16.7 cu.ft. of total cargo volume inside, while the Camry has just 15.1 cu.ft. of cargo space, giving you less room for your stuff.

Available Seating Enhancements

There are also some significant differences in the comfort features found between these two cars. The Toyota Camry has an eight-way power fabric seating standard, while leather-trimmed eight-way power seats are available on the highest trim. Looking at the Honda sedan, we find similar standard seating, but the higher trims feature 10-way power-adjustable leather-trimmed seats for added comfort and greater control. Heated and ventilated front seats are available on both models, but only the Accord has heated rear seats offered to keep all of your passengers comfy.


Here at Classic Honda of Midland, shopping for a car should be relatively quick and easy, without any hassle or added complications. This is something we work hard to offer to our customers, and it is something that Honda clearly believes in, too, since they offer a fantastic selection of different models that makes it simple to find what you are looking for. In looking at the Honda Accord compared to the Toyota Camry, this simplicity is highlighted by the different models of each car.

Sometimes Too Many Choices Can Be a Bad Thing

Looking at the Camry, we can see that Toyota offers more than a dozen different trim levels and editions for their customers to choose from. While we certainly love having freedom and options when shopping for a car, that is simply excessive, and trying to keep track of what each one offers quickly becomes a futile effort. There are numerous engines available, including some that are exclusive to certain trims and hybrid models that only add to the confusion. The Camry generally looks good, though the front end looks a bit heavy and overly designed.

The Accord Offers a Streamlined Set of Trim Options

With the Honda Accord, not only do you get a gorgeous car that looks inviting and fun to drive, but choosing the right one becomes a lot simpler. There are only six trim levels available for the Accord, less than half of what Toyota offers, making it much easier to compare them and make sure you get what you want. Two of these have the standard gas engine, while the other four come with the available hybrid engine instead. This way, you can choose the kind of driving experience and fuel economy you prefer and then pick the trim with the features and options you are looking for. The process is simple and refined, ensuring you get exactly what you want and drive away in a sleek ride that is sure to put a smile on your face.


A silver 2023 Honda Accord turning on a city street.

These days, the technology you find inside your vehicle is just as important as anything else. It is easy to think of them as extras or niceties rather than essentials, but the impact these features can have on your daily driving habits and experience is significant. Both Honda and Toyota are leaders in the industry when it comes to the kinds of technology they pack into their vehicles, but the Accord gives you some things that take your drive even further.

Camry Features

The Toyota Camry's standard tech features start with a 7-inch infotainment display, a six-speaker sound system, and a 4.2-inch Multi-Information Display (MID) for the driver. It has standard air conditioning inside with dual-zone automatic climate control available, plus remote keyless entry and more features. This is a fine start, but the Camry is let down by some of its other available options. For example, a 9-inch infotainment display with a nine-speaker sound system and a 7-inch MID is the best it can offer, which is disappointing, to say the least.

Accord Features

With the Honda Accord, you can find similar standard features for a great driving experience no matter which model you choose and superior available options. The Accord also has a standard 7.0-inch infotainment screen and a simple sound system, but every Accord has a stunning 10.2-inch customizable Driver Information Interface screen. This driver display is far better than what you can find in even the most expensive Camry, and it comes standard. Looking at available options, you can get a remarkable 12.3-inch infotainment screen that far surpasses the 9-inch display available in the Camry, along with a 12-speaker Bose Premium sound system that gives you amazing audio on the road.

The Classic Honda of Midland logo is shown

Check Out the 2023 Honda Accord Today

While we would never say the Toyota Camry is an awful car, it is clear that there are some key ways that the Honda Accord simply gives you more to enjoy. No matter what you are looking for in your next vehicle, Honda is ready to deliver and provide you with a fantastic driving experience that you will enjoy for many years to come. With so many different Honda cars to choose from, including the fantastic Accord and the Civic, it helps to have someone by your side to guide you through everything available and ensure you get what you need. Here at Classic Honda of Midland, that is precisely what we are ready to do, and our amazing team of people will assist you with everything you need.

Throughout every step of the car-buying process, we will work tirelessly for you to ensure you get the perfect vehicle and drive away completely happy. Our friendly salespeople will listen to what you are looking for, answer your questions, and put your needs first while finding you the right car. Figuring out financing is quick and simple, as our vehicle financing department is ready to take you through all of your options and ensure you get a solution that works for you. Plus, with our certified Honda service center and parts department, we will be here to keep your car running beautifully for many years. Call or come visit us at Classic Honda of Midland today to learn more, and we will make sure you get behind the wheel of a Honda vehicle you'll love.

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