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Check Out the 2022 Honda Lineup

March 18th, 2022

A man is shown putting supplies into a silver 2022 Honda CR-V.
If you’ve decided to search for a "Honda dealer near me," then you’ve already made a great decision to ensure you get a fantastic vehicle with years of enjoyment ahead of you. Hondas are noted for great reliability and safety, no matter the model, so whether you are looking for a comfortable sedan, a small crossover, or a spacious minivan for a growing family, we have you covered. Before you head to Classic Honda of Midland, however, it’s a great idea to take a good look at the Honda lineup to see what’s available. While we’re happy to help you figure out which vehicle is perfect for you, it makes shopping a lot easier if you have something in mind.

Let’s take a look at what’s available in the 2022 Honda lineup to help get a sense of what might work best for you. There’s a lot of information to consider with any vehicle, so this will be a pretty simple overview. Once you see something you’re interested in, then you should give us a call or come visit us at Classic Honda of Midland to learn more, and we’ll make sure you drive away in the Honda that’s right for you.

Great Honda Cars

While domestic brands like Ford have largely abandoned the sedan, Honda recognizes that there’s still a place for these great vehicles. You have three different sedan models from Honda, with several powertrain options on a few of them.

Honda Civic

One of the models we’re most excited about this year is the Honda Civic, which has received major updates inside and out as an all-new generation kicks off with the 2022 model. For years now, the Civic has been one of the finest compact cars on the road, and these updates make the best even better. A redesigned body gives the 2022 Honda Civic sedan a sleek look, while interior updates make for a more comfortable and enjoyable experience than last year’s model. The Honda Civic is available as either a sedan or a hatchback, letting you choose the design that works best for you. There’s also a Civic Si model available, with a sporty design and turbocharged engine if you’re looking for something with a bit more punch to it.

A blue 2022 Honda Insight Touring is shown leaving a Honda dealer near you.

Honda Insight

In the past, there was a Civic Hybrid available from Honda, which has been replaced by the Insight, which is similar in design to the Civic but offers a hybrid engine. Since the Insight is its own model, it hasn’t been updated this year like the Civic has, but it still offers a fantastic ride with incredibly quiet performance. The previous base trim has been eliminated for 2022, making starting Insight models better-equipped than ever before, while still giving you an impressive vehicle that marries quick acceleration with great fuel efficiency.

Honda Accord

If you want something a bit larger than the Civic and Insight, then the midsize 2022 Honda Accord is the way to go. This is the perfect model if you like the performance and driving experience of a sedan but want room for your passengers to really be able to stretch out and get comfortable. It was refreshed just last year, so there aren’t a ton of updates for 2022, but it continues to be one of the most popular sedans on the road. There are two different turbocharged engines available, along with a Hybrid option, so you can choose the sort of performance that’s right for what you need.

Reliable Honda SUVs

While Honda’s sedans get a lot of attention, for good reason, the brand also offers some of the most impressive crossover SUV models on the market. Covering a wide range of sizes and options, these four crossovers ensure there’s something for everyone.

Honda HR-V

Within Honda’s lineup of crossover models, the Honda HR-V is the smallest option: a subcompact that is ideal if you have a pared-down lifestyle that you need to fit your vehicle into. This may not be the perfect option for everyone since its diminutive size means the interior room is limited, but it’s a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a small model. A single engine option is available here, and the interior features a surprising amount of rear passenger legroom.

Honda CR-V

One of the most popular crossover models on the road, the Honda CR-V is a compact option that gives you fantastic flexibility to get just what you need. You get a turbocharged engine in the 2022 Honda CR-V that makes it incredibly fun to drive, with responsive handling and a precise feel that you won’t find on many other compact models. There’s also a hybrid engine available for the CR-V that boosts fuel economy significantly while still offering a very fun time behind the wheel. Despite its compact design, you get a remarkably spacious interior with the CR-V that combines functionality with sleek elegance.

Honda Passport

For something a bit more spacious than the CR-V, the Honda Passport is a midsize model that gives you two rows of seating. You’re not going to fit a ton of people inside this one (check out the Pilot or Odyssey for that), but it’s very comfortable and gives you a lot of space for passengers and cargo alike. For the 2022 model year, the Passport has been redesigned with a bolder and more stylish exterior that looks fantastic and gives it much more presence than previous years. A standard V6 engine is under the hood, and check out the new TrailSport trim if you’re interested in taking your Honda crossover off-road.

Honda Pilot

If you have a lot of passengers that you want to pile into your SUV, then check out the three-row Honda Pilot. This model is built on the same platform as the Odyssey, Honda’s popular minivan, trading a bit of interior space for higher ground clearance and all-wheel drive. You can choose between either a three-person bench seat in the second row or a pair of captain’s chairs, depending on your seating needs. This creates a refined interior that you can easily get a lot of use and functionality out of, plus starting features have been updated for the 2022 model year to include an 8-inch infotainment display and more.

Other Honda Options

Most of your options from Honda are great cars and SUVs, but that’s not all the brand offers. You can also find a fantastic minivan and a versatile pickup truck in their lineup here at our dealership.

A family is shown getting out of a silver 2022 Honda Odyssey near a trailhead.

Honda Odyssey

While SUVs have certainly taken over most of the minivan market, there are still a few good vans out there, like the fantastic Honda Odyssey. If you’re looking for a gorgeous interior with a ton of room for passengers, then the Odyssey is the way to go––it has seating for up to eight passengers when properly equipped (you can also choose second-row captain’s chairs that seat seven passengers in greater comfort). Even though this is a minivan, it’s noted for surprising nimbleness and a powerful engine that makes it remarkably fun to drive, along with an interior that will keep everyone comfortable.

Honda Ridgeline

Finally, we come to the Honda Ridgeline, one of the most impressive midsize trucks on the road. In lineups from some other manufacturers, midsize pickups often feel like an afterthought, but it’s clear that Honda’s designers and engineers are passionate about this model. Its standard V6 engine is noticeably powerful and accelerates very well, with comfortable ride quality on the road and impressively nimble responsiveness. The interior is both practical and comfortable, including plenty of room for adults in the rear seats, and the overall design makes it a joy for everyone inside.

Honda Has You Covered

No matter what kind of vehicle you’re looking for, you can see that the 2022 Honda lineup has you covered. From efficient sporty sedans to comfortable family-friendly SUVs, there is a Honda model for you. If you aren't sure which one best fits your needs, simply pay us a visit and come for a test drive. Here at Classic Honda of Midland, we’re happy to help you choose the right one.