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Open Today! 8:30 AM - 8:00 PM
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Classic Honda of Midland Blog

The Pros of Privacy: Why Owned Cars Are Better Than Public Transport?

Classic Honda of Midland

Do you think public transportation is worth it in this new era of fuel-efficient cars? If you're not sure, let's discover a few benefits of having private transportation!

Integrity, Design & Value: Honda Civic

Midland, TX

A visit to your local used Honda dealership reveals one thing about the celebrated manufacturer: people love the Honda Civic.

How to Get the Most Out of a Vehicle Test Drive

Midland, TX

While there's no substitute for taking the wheel yourself, this guide will help you learn how to test drive a car like an expert.

How to Trade Your Car in for a New One in Midland, TX

Do you want to know how to trade in your car? Read this article to learn about the process and what steps are involved.

Dos & Don'ts - How to Handle an Overheated Car

Midland, TX

As a Honda owner, you need to be prepared for anything. So, when your car overheats, it's important to know what to do and not do.

How to Remove Clearcoat Scratches on a Car

Midland, TX

With these simple proven methods, this article will help you learn how to remove minor clearcoat scratches the right way.

4 Ways To Stop Car Windows & Windshields From Fogging Over

Classic Honda of Midland

Today we’ll discuss how to stop car windows from fogging up. We will also provide four prevention tips that will help keep your windows clear all seasons!

The Electrifying Story Behind Honda's Carbon Neutrality Mission

It seems Honda's future plans encompass a series of steps that are projected to completely electrify all of Honda's operations worldwide in the future.

The Future Of Automobiles – Tech Coming To Cars Near You!

Classic Honda of Midland

The future is all about automation with self-driving, self-parking, and self-navigating cars.

The Avid Gearhead’s Tips On Saving Fuel!

Classic Honda of Midland

As a gearhead, you know that every gallon counts for performance cars. Here are eight tips to save fuel that only true gearheads know about.

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